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During these fearful times where stories of women’s safety have increased in a negative way, one of our matric students Ammen De Villiers wrote a poem highlighting the importance of women and the role men play in protecting women and unlearning years of ingrained misogyny amidst the #AmINext movement


The Value of Women:


Women oppressed,

Left broken and depressed.

Manipulated and deceived,

For men they believed.

Dealt no mercy or compassion,

Handled in a disturbing fashion.

Treated like toys with which you play,

Objects for your hands to lay.

They are a trove of wisdom and love,

Over which nothing ranks above.

Our mothers and wives,

Who should not fear for their lives.

Every silent voice,

Every wrong choice.

Every hand raised,

Every oppressor praised.

Every joke cracked,

Every manner lacked.

Every insult delivered,

Every soul withered.

Mistakes were made,

Which may never fade.

We ruined your perception,

Due to our careless deception.

We have degraded our own,

To where no respect was shown.

We have committed every error,

And showed you every terror.

No forgiveness is expected,

For you have been disrespected.

You did nothing to deserve,

That which we serve.

We owe you the world and more,

For every happiness you bore.

Our honour is in our women,

And yet what have we given?

And so I humbly apologize,

For men and our lies.

– Ammen De Villiers (On behalf of all men)


As a gesture to show their support for standing up for all women, not just the mothers, sisters and daughters but strangers alike, our boys high gave our girls a token of appreciation.

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