Pre-Primary School


Principal Mrs. Naseema Osman
Secretary Mrs. Shaheedah Appels

Pre-Primary School Educators

Grade 0     

Ms Afroz Allie: Educator
Ms Kauthar Isaacs: Assistant Educator
Mrs Nuruniesa Ismail: Assistant Educator

Mrs Feroza Khan: Educator
Ms Nuru Nisa Ismail: Assistant Educator

Grade R         

Mrs Yasmina Phillips: Educator
Ms Ihaam Isaacs: Assistant Educator
Ms Ruwyda Mustapha: Educator
Mrs Rubiena Bester: Assistant Educator
Mrs Famida Mia: Educator
Ms Masouda Modak: Assistant Educator
Ms Tasneem Samsodien: Educator
Mrs Ayeshah Solomon: Assistant Educator
Ms Amina Salamadatt: Assistant Educator

Mrs Tasneem Gabier: Mualima

Contact Pre Primary School

Call +27 21 696 5600 or email

Pre Primary School Times

All classes start at 07h45
Dismissal Times
Monday – Thursday – 12:45pm
Friday – 11:45am

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.