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For our website competition, we picked two winners from the primary school, one from the Foundation Phase and one from the Intermediate phase. Learners from the Foundation Phase had to write a poem about why they enjoy school and learners from the Intermediate Phase wrote about why they are proud to be a part of Islamia College. Well done to our winners, Liyana Dada in grade 2 and Shahied Manie in grade 4 who won amazing gift cards to the value of R500! Below are their winning entries:

Why I Like School by Liyana Dada (Grade 2)

As we enter the parking,

my brain gets starting.

As I walk to the door,

I cant wait to learn more.

When I sit down,

I don’t show a frown.

When teacher says new things,

it flys to me with its wings.

When we are outside I play with my friends,

and I hope it never ends.

Why I’m Proud To Be An Islamia Learner by Shahied Manie (Grade 4)

Islamia is an excellent school and I’m definately proud to wear its badge. There i s so much that makes Islamia an amazing school, we have a wide array of sports codes and extra mural activties of such robotics is my very favourite one. Not manyy schools have that of offer. We pride ourselves in great facilities such as an astroturf, computer room, library and a lovely restaurant called Alhambra. The slogan at our school is Ëxcellence in Education”holds a lot of meaning for me in that I always want to give my best so that I live up to this motto.

We have a strong discpline for Islamic foundations as well which means we are not only prepared for the outside world, but we also have a sound foundation for our deen and an established love of the Quraan which will earn usthe love of our Creator and success in the Hereafter.


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