Admissions Procedure

Islamia College is a Muslim School for all children but not in essence a school for Muslim children. By virtue of the aforementioned the school will seek to grant admission to students who are prepared to subscribe to the tenets of the Islamic faith in an equitable manner.

The disposition, demeanour, behaviour, values and attitudes of the student should be concomitant with the ethos of the institution. Being an independent institution of learning that sustains itself on financial contributions in the form of tuition fees, the school shall admit students on the criteria provided in the Policy Statement.

Policy Statement

  • No students shall be exempted from admission on the basis of race, colour, creed or gender
  • No student shall be refused admission where the policy contravenes the Schools Act, Bill of Rights or the Constitutional rights of such students
  • No student shall be refused admission on the grounds of being educationally or scholastically challenged as long as the School has the necessary expertise and infrastructure
  • A student shall not be deemed unfit for acceptance if he/she has a physical impairment or disability as long as the School has the necessary expertise or infrastructure
  • There will be no geographical boundaries for admission and the exercise of choice by the parent will prevail
  • Prospective students who have siblings at the School will be given preference provided that sound academic and behavioural patterns exist
  • The School having independent status, will be at liberty to consider the financial viability and compliance of the prospective student
  • The School principals are within their right to request a cumulative academic or behavioural report from any school attended previously by the applicant
  • The School may delay its decision for acceptance if the applicant has not complied with the timeous submission of his/her application. Such a candidate will be placed on a waiting list
  • In terms of the SA Schools Act the School may decline a student admission if he/she is deemed to be the cause of continuous disruption of the learning process
  • Foreign students will be required to subscribe to the language of learning and teaching policy of the School. English is the primary medium of instruction.

Application forms are available from the receptionist at Academia Centre for all campuses, i.e. Pre-Primary, Primary, Girls High, Boys High and Hifth Academy or via the website under the Administration section should you prefer to download and complete it at your convenience.


Application for admission to Islamia Primary is open to all with no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, culture or faith.

Grade O Admissions

The child must turn 5 within the current year of enrolment.

Grade R Admissions

The child of age 5 turning 6 in the year of admission to school will be given preference for placement in our grade R class. A parent wanting to enrol a child of a younger age into the grade R programme may do so if there is an available place. This placement does not ensure enrolment into the Grade 1 class the following year since preference will be given to students turning 7 in their grade 1 year.

Primary School

Application for admission to Islamia Primary is open to all with no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, culture or faith.

Grade 1 Admission

The child of age 6 turning 7 in the year of admission to school, is the compulsory school going age according to WCED guidelines. These students will be given preference in placement at our school.

The following documentation must accompany the application form:

  • CEMIS Transfer Document
  • Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate or ID Document
  • Copy of Student’s latest Report or Academic Progress
  • Copy of Student’s Vaccination Record
  • Subject Choice Form (Gr 10 – Gr 12)
  • Copy of Student’s Residence / Study Permit, if Foreign
  • Copy of Parents’ / Legal Guardians’ ID Document
  • Signed Financial Terms & Conditions
  • Signed General Indemnity
  • Two Recent ID Colour Photos of the Student

Application Fee

Parents will be contacted by the secretary of the school to attend an interview with the principal.  In addition to age cohort, if deemed necessary, an assessment would be done for appropriate placement of the student. Applications need to be approved by the principal as well as the administrative department before final acceptance. Successful applicants will be informed via email and invited to attend an Orientation Day. Parents will be informed via email of their acceptance so please ensure that your email address is legible.

In the event that the applicant is successful, the parents need to sign the Code of Conduct and then ensure that the student:

  • Reads and understands the Code of Conduct and school rules and abides by it
  • Upholds and promotes the ethos of the School
  • Follow all prescriptions and instructions

All applications must be delivered in person. No applications will be considered if faxed or emailed.

PLEASE COMPLETE ALL DETAILS. Incomplete and illegible documentation will not be processed. Please contact Raheema Isaacs at

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