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Weeks of hardwork, study groups and detailed notes came down to this moment: the final results of the Matric year. It is with great pleasure that we announce Islamia College achieved a 98% pass rate in 2019 and a total of 130 subject distinctions, alhamdulilah. We congratulate each and every student for their performance as it is is in turn a reflection of their sacrifice and input. Whether it be attending university, taking a gap year or joining a program, we wish all of our students well for their future endeavours. To the teachers who play a tremendously important role from their grassroots level, all students successes are also a reflection of their excellent work.

A special mention goes to our Top 10 learners, all who have achieved 5 or more distinctions.

Yasmeen De Villiers – 8 distinctions

Zarah Mukuddem – 7 distinctions

M. Yaseen Tayob – 6 distinctions

Imaan Bardien – 6 distinctions

Nabeelah Bardien – 6 distinctions

Faria Hoosain – 6 distinctions

M. Ilyaas Noorgat – 5 distinctions

Salaagudeen Jacobs – 5 distinctions

Qudsiyya Jaffer – 5 distinctions



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