Islamia College has become synonymous with academic, moral and sporting distinction. Amidst fears of below par grades countrywide, Islamia College has once again, produced outstanding matric results. Let the numbers speak.

Aqeela Miller 7 A’s

Nabeelah Salie 7 A’s

Maghmoodah B. Jaffer 7 A’s

Salmah Roomanay 7 A’s

Mogammad Arshaad Eyasim 6 A’s

Abdul Mueen Gazgay 7 A’s

Ameerah Manuel 7 A’s

Hanaan Gamieldien 7 A’s

Mujeerah Adams 6 A’s

Tasneem Shaboodien 5 A’s

Zaheerah Esack 6 A’s

Abdullah Assim 5 A’s

Naa-ilah Brown 5 A’s

Rustum Abrahams 6 A’s

Tauhir Ahmed 6 A’s

Kaamilah Cornelius 4 A’s

Azrah Hoosen 4 A’s

Fatima Seedat 4 A’s

Kauthar Behardien 3 A’s

Am’maar Ibn Yasier Gabriels 3 A’s

The exceptional standards maintained by Islamia College in developing young learners is our collective investment in the future as we consider education to be the catalyst for personal growth, individual development and outstanding achievement. Islamia College is determined to build on its tradition of pursuing levels of excellence and instilling in students the sense of belonging, dignity and integrity. Islamia College is indeed the place to learn.

Islamia College students receiving Young Biologists Diamond Awards from the Two Oceans Aquarium

In line with the school’s motto Aspire to Inspire Islamia College students Imraan Ahmed and Abdur Raaziq Firfirey did their school proud when they were awarded DIAMOND CERTIFICATES at the Two Oceans Aquarium Young Biologists Graduation on Saturday. The Diamond Award is the highest award accorded to participating students in this challenge set by the Two Oceans Aquarium. The two students, both in Grade 10, spent most of their free time and holidays at the aquarium doing research, presentations, guided tours and beach clean ups. Life Science teacher Sayeda Shamsodien, who enters students for the challenge every year, says the students never disappoint her in their efforts and they, with the cooperation of parents, always strive to give only their best. She adds that this is the third year in a row that this award was accorded to the school.

In terms of the Young Biologist Challenge students must conform to the criteria set by the TOA. To this end Abdur Raaziq completed 104 hours of volunteering, a beach clean-up and did a presentation to the Eco Club at school.Imraan had offered 57 hours of voluntary work and both of them achieved an assessment of over 80%. In addition to the award, Abdur Raazik received a Special Education Award based on feedback from visitors, his presentation to peers and assistance in running programmes with primary school pupils.

Imraan Ahmed was elated at his award and says he was inspired by his cousin Tauhir Ahmed, also an  Islamia Student in matric, who won the National Computer Olympiad earlier this year. He proceeded to the International Olympiad which was held in the USA. Shaheem Galant, Principal, expressed his gratitude to the students and organisers and iterated that ‘when students enter competititions of any kind they seldom come home empty handed. They always do their level best to bring pride to the school.’

2014 Top Islamia Matric student, Eesa Harris, received a full scholarship from the Two Oceans Aquarium

Another surprise awaited Mr. Galant when his 2014 Top Matric student, Eesa Harris, received a full scholarship from the Two Oceans Aquarium to study Marine Biology at UCT. After matriculating Eesa took time out to explore various fields of study and having been stimulated as a young biologist he offered most of his time to the Aquarium, doing research and expanding his knowledge of marine life. His potential was immediately recognised by the senior staff and he was sent to the Far East to further gain experience. His hard work paid off and he commences his studies in 2017.

PUPILS at Islamia College were so happy after this year's successful Cape Argus Food Lover's Market High School Quiz that was held at their school, they decided to host their own Junior Argus Quiz. Studying the Late Final edition of the Cape Argus, the Grade 4 to Grade 6 pupils geared up for their internal school competition. Over the past few months the pupils shared their knowledge of newsand learnt from one another to gain understanding of various news topics. The interest of the lower grade pupils was spurred on after they saw how their seniors participated in what was seen as an exciting challenge. Teachers and the principal agreed to create an opportunity for the younger pupils to experience a similar challenge.  The first round of the competition, which started as a class quiz, took place on August 18. Among the topics it focused on were entertainment, general news, and politics, leading to the top four pupils from different classes, making it through the inter-class round. A parent of one of the finalists, Rafiqa Desai of Rondebosch East, said she regarded the quiz as one that was challenging, yet exciting for her son Mikhail, who is in Grade 5. She said it had been one of the “toughest” competitions her son had to participate in this year, but was happy with how he had managed to cope and made it through as a winner.“I am very proud of him, words can’t describe how I feel. He has prepared hard for the quiz by studying the newspaper and that all proved how he has dedicated his time to it,” she said.Mikhail, who recently returned from Durban after a schools soccer tournament said the competition had been challenging but fun.

Story:Nwabisa Masiza / Photographs:David Ritchie
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The outreach initiative at the Girls’ College for term 3 was collecting grocery items as well as baby clothing for the underprivileged. These items were packed by GET learners during the enrichment period.

The learners accompanied by teachers delivered the parcels to the Lansdowne Informal Settlement and Mowbray Maternity Hospital.  

Feedback from these learners were that they had an eye opening experience. They realised how fortunate they were and how grateful they should be for what they have. For most learners, it was their first time experiencing poverty at that level.

Tauhir Ahmed won the national Computer Olympiad.He received the Gold Award with Coveted Olympiad Trophy. His Prizes include cash money,a full scholarship to UCT and a trip to the USA. Tauhir is the third Islamia student to reach the finals of this highly challenging Olympiad.

In 2014 Taariq Barday received Bronze,in 2015 Fayaaz Kimmie got Silver and the the gold was this year grabbed by Tauhir. We congratulate him for bringing such pride to the school and sincerely thank Mr.Hassiem for his commitment to produce students of this caliber


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