Top 10 Matriculants of 2018

An exciting and nail-biting time for all matriculants, results day was met with much anticipation. With a 97% pass rate and 96 subject distinctions in 2018, we are immensely proud of all of our students who put in the hard work that's needed to successfully champion a challenging school year and wish them well with the path they choose to follow. This doesn’t mean it’s come to the end of Islamia as our alumni family continues to grow, alhamdulilah. We also want to express a big shukran to the dedication of the teachers who put in a tremendous effort throughout the year to give our students the best possible academic experience.

Out of all the outstanding achievements from our matriculants, our top 10 students for 2018 has shown how deserving they are to be highlighted as their continuous effort and academic excellence is fittingly recognised and celebrated.

We look forward to seeing all of these young men and women become future leaders and visionaries, taking the Islamic principles and skills them them that they’ve been taught at Islamia with them into the world.