2016 Top 20 Matriculants

Islamia College has become synonymous with academic, moral and sporting distinction. Amidst fears of below par grades countrywide, Islamia College has once again, produced outstanding matric results. Let the numbers speak.

Aqeela Miller 7 A’s

Nabeelah Salie 7 A’s

Maghmoodah B. Jaffer 7 A’s

Salmah Roomanay 7 A’s

Mogammad Arshaad Eyasim 6 A’s

Abdul Mueen Gazgay 7 A’s

Ameerah Manuel 7 A’s

Hanaan Gamieldien 7 A’s

Mujeerah Adams 6 A’s

Tasneem Shaboodien 5 A’s

Zaheerah Esack 6 A’s

Abdullah Assim 5 A’s

Naa-ilah Brown 5 A’s

Rustum Abrahams 6 A’s

Tauhir Ahmed 6 A’s

Kaamilah Cornelius 4 A’s

Azrah Hoosen 4 A’s

Fatima Seedat 4 A’s

Kauthar Behardien 3 A’s

Am’maar Ibn Yasier Gabriels 3 A’s

The exceptional standards maintained by Islamia College in developing young learners is our collective investment in the future as we consider education to be the catalyst for personal growth, individual development and outstanding achievement. Islamia College is determined to build on its tradition of pursuing levels of excellence and instilling in students the sense of belonging, dignity and integrity. Islamia College is indeed the place to learn.