On the 23rd of February 2019 the 2019 English Symposium was held at Herschel Girls’ School where Zaiba Sulaiman, the National Poetry for Life 2018 First Prize Winner, and Ekran Noor, the MJC Islamic Eisteddfod 2018 First Prize Winner, represented Islamia College.

They were the only learners who were invited by the WCED, Metro Central Education District to recite the poems which won them each their First Prize positions. It was indeed a great honour and they delivered excellent recitals of their poems. They represented Islamia College well and held Islamia’s flag high. They are very talented and added great value to our school as it was a proud moment for us.

After the event, they were approached by educators from other schools who praised them and requested copies of Ekran Noor’s poem titled ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’ which they want to use to encourage and inspire their learners.  It was such a huge compliment for Ekran.

May we continue to encourage our learners and grant them the platform to showcase their talents, Insha’Allah. Alhamdulilah, Islamia College also received a certificate for a 100% Pass Rate for English Home Language in the National Senior Certificate Examination 2018.

Pictured below is Mrs Rahiema Harnaker, Ekran Noor, Mrs Mareldea Hendricks and Zaiba Sulaiman

With the help of our students' and staff donations, we filled a truck with bottles of water that will be donated to families in the Karoo with Gift of the Givers. What may be a simple act for us plays a major role for the families who are in need of the Earth's most precious resource. We once again thank everyone involved who helped to make this Water Day a possibility and we look forward to doing many more outreach projects in the future, insha'Allah

For more pictures, click here

On Saturday, 15 February 2019 our primary school will be hosting their annual fun walk from 8am until 2pm. Starting from the front of the masjid and ending at the Trevor Road entrance, bring all your friends and family and spend the morning with us. This is a major fundraiser for our school and funds go towards classroom resources.

There will also be lots of fun rides for kids such as the Jumping Star, go-karts, ladybug rides, fast swings and lots more. Food and snacks will be on sale as well as stalls selling locally made goods.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


The Metro Central Education District (MCED) has awarded Islamia College with the Top School award for Life Orientation for circuit 9 in the 2019 National Senior Certificate Exams. Well done to our matric class of 2018 for putting in the hard work and continuing to bring pride to our school even after they've left.

Islamia College High School had the pleasure of well-known and established lawyers, Ighsaan Higgins and Faisal Bardien, to address our learners about the dangers of cyber bullying and the legal consequences that can follow based on the extremity of the situation.

An interactive and interesting talk, our learners had many questions about the legal side of cyber bullying. With technology being a big part of teenagers’ lives, it’s important to make them aware that their interactions on various social network platforms are far more deep rooted than they may expect. Mr Higgins mentioned that when a minor signs up to a social network, with their guardians not objecting, they enter a binding legal contract and bringing attention that their innocent teasing can become a legal issue.

In terms of the law, anyone can apply for a protection order against a bully and even minors can be sued, with assistance of their parents. One can also face up to 5 years of jail time if the issue is extremely serious after not finding a resolution when dealt  with internally. It’s vital to make students aware that they should always be mindful of what they post.

That being said, the internet and technology is not all bad and should be embraced since it is not going anywhere and only becoming more advanced. It all comes down to responsibility and awareness about social media and technology usage. Social media and the internet can be an excellent tool for learning technical skills,  social and political awareness and developing communication among many other things when used correctly. We thank Ighsaan Higgins and Faisal Bardien for coming to our school to shed light on this important topic and hope that it made a mark in the minds of everyone present at the talk.