About Us

History and Structure of Islamia

Islamia College was founded in 1984, and was located in Rylands Estate, Cape Town, South Africa as the Habibia Girls College. It was founded under the leadership of the community based board of directors. The College started with 2 grades and 47 students in the storeroom of Habibia Masjid. The institute is now based at Lansdowne Road, Rondebosch East and has grown to a campus with four components;

  • Primary School (with a Pre-Primary component)
  • Boys High School
  • Girls High School
  • Hifth Academy (Qur’anic memorization coupled with academic components)

Islamia now has a joint student population of over 1600 students with a staff compliment of 4 principles, 120 educators, 8 support staff and 11 non-academic staff. Islamia College is registered with the Western Cape Educational Department (WCED) as an independent school. With its innumerable successes in the fields of academia, sport, the humanities and technology, Islamia College has now been placed in the upper echelons of educational institutions in the Cape.

Code of Honour

Islamia students and educators ought to be proud of their faith-based tradition and their civilizational heritage supportive of the universal right of everyone to respect and cognisant of the constitutional right of everyone to equal opportunity and fair treatment able to set high standards and conduct themselves as models of excellence; both inside and outside the school, thus fulfilling the requirement of exemplary universal citizens.

Our Mission

Islamia’s mission aims at promoting excellence through the provision of holistic education, compatible with Islamic principles and practices, thereby enabling the students to live harmoniously in our multi-cultural society and to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the nation as a whole.


Excellence in Education


The distinctive characteristics that reflect the overall atmosphere at Islamia are the shared fundamental values, strong sense of community and good interpersonal relationships; all of which engender an embracing sense of global citizenship.


To maintaining the ethos at Islamia we strive in having the ideal environment which through structure assists in developing leadership qualities.