1. The person responsible for the Account (hereafter the Account Holder) as set out in the Application Form herewith assumes liability for the Account, alternatively binds him-/herself as co-debtor and surety for payment of all school fees to the School.
  2. The parent/legal guardian, as described in the Application Form, binds him-/herself as surety and co-debtor for the payment of all school fees by the Account Holder or any other payments that may arise from this Agreement.



  1. ANNUAL (minus 5% discount if settled before 31st January)
  2. EFT/EASYPAY  (due and payable the 1st day of each term) (10 months: January– October)
  3. DEBIT ORDER (10 months: January– October) - Please complete debit order form.
  4. Debit/Credit card facilities are available at the administration office.
  5. Payment of school fees is not subject to presentation of a statement. Payments are made in accordance with the applicable fee structure of the School.
  6. Statements will however be sent in accordance with your preferred method of payment.
    1. Please ensure that we have your latest e-mail address on record so that you can receive fee statements via email.  Statements will be sent to the email address of the account holder.
    2. A hard copy of your fee statement will be sent home with your child if you to  do not have an e-mail address.  We however encourage you to create a free email account by following the link on the schools website www.islamiacollege.co.za



  1. The Account Holder undertakes to give a full terms terms written notice of termination of the enrolment of a learner, failing which the liability be incurred for the full amount of the following term’s fees.
  2. The School shall be entitled to terminate the enrolment of any learner under the following circumstances:

• Summarily, and with immediate effect, if the learner is guilty of an offence which, in the sole opinion of the School, renders his / her continued enrolment at the School impossible, in which event the Account Holder, after deduction of all amounts otherwise owing to the School, will be refunded a pro-rata proportion of any fees already paid in advance in respect of such learner.

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